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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As you can see my office is in it's usual state of mess. Maybe I'll clean the shelf off this week.
But also you can see the screen print by Steven Henry. Really neat and I love it. Again, the matte inks are to die for!
I may have to find a way to use these inks in paintings and bypass the screen process entirely.
It is the rich color, the flat ink and no brush strokes that intrigue me so much.
Computer art is often great stuff but nothing can match the effect of the hand.
I wish we could have an arts and crafts revolution again
and maybe we will or are, where the mark of the hand is again visible and the process of the mind can be traced within the art itself. William Morris, we need you again.
Also while yer lookin, check out the pic of my friend Michelle's hairless rat. He is so cute, his name is Harry.

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