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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures I wish I'd taken

Some of the pictures I wish I'd taken:

Just today, the little boy at Sam's Club sitting in the cart perched on a bucket of cookie dough.

A stray glove jammed on a fence post in a lonely snow covered field.
Son #2 being happily dragged across the lawn by his belt loops by an equally happy dog.
Our dog Beaumont standing in line with the neighborhood kids, waiting his turn to go down the slide.
Our turkey Lurch visiting yard sales and football practices.
Black and white paint ponies in a snowy pasture picking their way in and out of the fog.
More pics of my kids, now so grown up.
My parents now gone.
Bulldog Dudley riding in the sled while Husbutt pulled him down the road in a fierce snow storm. A funny strange version of a sled dog.
Triple rainbows after a summer shower, glowing against the eastern mountain ridges.
Son number three at his first and only piano recital.
Son number two when he was awarded MVP.
Son number one when he arrived in Brazil.
The snowman I passed the other day, tipped over, his stick arms reaching aimlessly to the sky.
My friend, delivering lambs.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is little stinker Yoda in her vintage baby bed.
And these are some of the prints that I will have available in my Etsy shop as soon as I get my act together......
There is a series of four deer and a set of two of the Love prints.

Latest stuff

This is pretty darn cute, Hemi and Hannity on my desk, it would be nice if the cats did not have to be involved in my art. They are always right in the middle of it. Half of my art work consists of paint and cat hair.

See? this is why I don't get anything done. This is Yoda. She wants some lovin. Insists on it. Can you tell?

This is the inspiration wall. Actually is it more a wall of desperation, a futile attempt to remember stuff for more than a few seconds at a time. Son #3 made the clock in shop class.

This is the post card I received today from son #2. He says he loves his mommy. I am going to frame this thing. And, as my friend Julie suggested, frame it in something heavy so I can hit him over the head with it when he comes home in a year and forgets the sentiment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More and More

Eggs from my good hens.
Lynx, otherwise known as bathroom kitty, helping with the Valentine I made for my sister and brother-in-law.
Baby snoozing

This is the cat hiding behind the campanula.


This is the pot of campanula....


As I write this I am sitting in front of my studio window, it is trying to snow, spitting mostly. My favorite little cat Yoda is destroying papers and the cockatoo Baby, is on her branch dozing off again.

Outside the office window is a Betchel Crabapple tree. Nearly twenty years ago my parents gave it to me for my birthday. I love this little tree. In the spring the Goldfinches cover the branches like flying dandelions. The cats watch them and make excited little chattering sounds. The birds appear to be eating the flower buds. They are so beautiful, I love it and wait for them every year, both the birds and the blooms. The bees also love the tree and on warm spring days it sounds as if the tree itself is humming in the sun. Thanks mom and dad, wherever you are, the tree has brought me many years of happiness.

Today I'll be working on sketches for a magazine job and designs for the Ziing hand bags.

Youngest son (16)just walked in, how that child manages to get straight A's with apparently no effort on his part is amazing.
Oldest son is downstairs laughing about something. When he was gone for two years in Brazil, I missed his laugh so much, used to say I'd pay good money to hear his laugh. It makes me happy every time I hear him.

Life is good.

It is snowing harder now. The dog will want to come in.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Did you know if your alarm clock falls on the floor and a big fat dog lays on it you cannot hear the alarm? It appears, several rolls of doggie blubber is an effective sound barrier. Who knew.

My darling son brought me a pot of campanula. I adore them and him of course.
Life is good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random thoughts

dogs sound louder at night. sons rarely clean things. house cats are unnecessary. politics seperate. Bigfoot and faeries would be sooooo cool though not necessarily at the same time. afternoon light when it is low and golden is the best. light in general is pretty nice. cats DO snore. Futurama is a great show. honey vanilla chamomile tea is wonderful stuff. tiny pink baby toes are ephemeral. chickens mumble in their sleep. mornings are not appealing. clean snow is delicious to the eye.
is this ADD? lavender plants have lavender bugs. boys will pee on ants. cats will put their butts in yer face when you are busy working. quilts are humble high art. Ambien is a life saver. actors are a breed apart. talent is often earned. books should never die. "strawberry thief" is my favorite Morris print. strawberries are great but I long for sweet cherries. we used to spit over balconies. sun-hot tomatoes eaten in the mud were never better. toddlers with their church dresses hitched up on their diapers crack me up. headaches are misery. friends suffer more than i. selfish. humble. foolish. fogfrost on the trees makes the real, magic.
bright blue worn chippy paint is the best. arched doors on thirties houses, charm.
cats in the small of you back, sleeping, warm, makes them worth it. children sleeping and warm, makes them worth it too.