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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random thoughts

dogs sound louder at night. sons rarely clean things. house cats are unnecessary. politics seperate. Bigfoot and faeries would be sooooo cool though not necessarily at the same time. afternoon light when it is low and golden is the best. light in general is pretty nice. cats DO snore. Futurama is a great show. honey vanilla chamomile tea is wonderful stuff. tiny pink baby toes are ephemeral. chickens mumble in their sleep. mornings are not appealing. clean snow is delicious to the eye.
is this ADD? lavender plants have lavender bugs. boys will pee on ants. cats will put their butts in yer face when you are busy working. quilts are humble high art. Ambien is a life saver. actors are a breed apart. talent is often earned. books should never die. "strawberry thief" is my favorite Morris print. strawberries are great but I long for sweet cherries. we used to spit over balconies. sun-hot tomatoes eaten in the mud were never better. toddlers with their church dresses hitched up on their diapers crack me up. headaches are misery. friends suffer more than i. selfish. humble. foolish. fogfrost on the trees makes the real, magic.
bright blue worn chippy paint is the best. arched doors on thirties houses, charm.
cats in the small of you back, sleeping, warm, makes them worth it. children sleeping and warm, makes them worth it too.

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