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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures I wish I'd taken

Some of the pictures I wish I'd taken:

Just today, the little boy at Sam's Club sitting in the cart perched on a bucket of cookie dough.

A stray glove jammed on a fence post in a lonely snow covered field.
Son #2 being happily dragged across the lawn by his belt loops by an equally happy dog.
Our dog Beaumont standing in line with the neighborhood kids, waiting his turn to go down the slide.
Our turkey Lurch visiting yard sales and football practices.
Black and white paint ponies in a snowy pasture picking their way in and out of the fog.
More pics of my kids, now so grown up.
My parents now gone.
Bulldog Dudley riding in the sled while Husbutt pulled him down the road in a fierce snow storm. A funny strange version of a sled dog.
Triple rainbows after a summer shower, glowing against the eastern mountain ridges.
Son number three at his first and only piano recital.
Son number two when he was awarded MVP.
Son number one when he arrived in Brazil.
The snowman I passed the other day, tipped over, his stick arms reaching aimlessly to the sky.
My friend, delivering lambs.



  1. I wish I could see those pictures because they all sound perfect. I really enjoy reading your blog. Its a longer version of you facebook posts.