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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry I have been neglectful of you this last month.  It has been an annoying month, busy and I have not felt well, it seems every time I get near the computer it triggers a migraine.  Daily migraines are no fun and the cost of the new meds nearly gave me heart attack so I have been laying rather low.
Mini-Me the little Call duck (she really is my favorite, such a big personality) is faithfully sitting on her nest.  Metoo, the other little female is also sitting faithfully under the rose bush.  Mini-Me insists on having two boy friends, Ed and Eddy.  They follow her everywhere, and patiently wait for her to re-unite with them every evening when she hops off her nest for a drink and a bit to eat.  She is very funny, when she gets off the nest she announces very loudly and they all get excited, when she is ready to go back, she suddenly gets very quiet and acts sneaky, then slips off for the nest. Funny to watch her.

Denzel the turkey, who we thought was a male, hence the name, is very broody.  We may have to have the turkey fairy visit her in the night and bring her some babies, these eggs are not fertile.  She is determined though. Poor girl.

The Poof-head or Einstein ducks are a breed called Swedish tufted.  These two are ancient ducks and sadly a bit handicapped.  The duck in the front was actually raised by a chicken.  She was a giant black Cochin chicken, very poofy and so glossy and silky, she was a good mother and had no problem with raising him though his desire to get in the drinking water all the time was disconcerting to her, she thought that was weird.  He name was Velvet-Ass-Rose.  She was named after an Old West prostitute, the men of the mining town liked her so much they nicknamed her Velvet-Ass.  When I got this big chicken and she was so incredibly soft and silky with a big poofy bottom, I though"velvet-ass". Seemed reasonable at the time.

 This weekend we got our bees installed in their new hives.
We are very pleased with them, they have already started making comb, its about as big as a hand with smaller comb started.  So exciting.  We love to watch them hustle into the hive with their little legs burdened with all sort of different pollen, this morning it was loads of bright orange stuff, sometimes we have seen  pale green pollen and some nearly red.  I am going to plant flowers with blue pollen just because it sounds so interesting.

 And here are the neighbors dogs looking through their "window" to see what we are doing and do I have a fresh egg for them?  I call them Thing one and Thing two.  Very funny, very sweet dogs.
One last accidental shot of my messy desk.  The blue knitting is finished and waiting to be blocked, it is hand spun and dyed, Old English baby doll wool from my sheep.