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Friday, December 31, 2010


Well I did not mean to publish that post without more writing. Burgess published it for me.
He cannot stay off the key board.
Silly little thing.

New Years Eve

Gloriously beautiful day today, so cold the snow crunches and squeaks when walked on, almost like it's complaining about having to move in the cold.
The skies here in the mountain west are intensely blue. Today with the new snow fall, the sunshine and the crispness of the air, it was nearly eye-popping. I loved the snow and the color of this quaking aspen by the front porch.

Had to post this picture of my sisters little dogs opening their Christmas stockings. They know it's for them and they get soooo excited, worse that little kids.
And like little kids, cats prefer the empty box rather than the gift itself. Lynx was in the box within seconds.

Little Yoda is very pleased about being an inside cat and never having to go outside, and rarely leaving my desk chair. No wonder I can't get anything done, Ihave to perch on the edge of the chair or risk getting my behind slapped, she does not hesitate to use claws either.
I am very content tonight. My family is together, the dogs are settled with new bones, the cats are in my bed, all is warm and cozy. I am so very grateful.
It is ten below so far, it will get worse tonight. We are all comfortable and safe. The ducks and chickens are probably not very amused, the ducks are bedded in the snow, their insulated down coats don't even let their body heat melt the snow beneath them.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I think I deserve a Wallaby.
I wonder if they can be housetrained.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dec 25

Happy birthday.

Christmas day

The last week has been stressful at best.

Sitting here with a valium on board and sniffing my anti-stress aromatherapy, whew, Burgess is picking around on my desk, everything is pretty good.

We had a great day with family, all of whom I love very much. Soooo wish I had the money to spoil everyone I know with whatever they wanted.

Burgess has been saying "Ti-gger, Ti-gger" the last two days. It's very funny.

Just a quick not to God;

Hey thanks for everything. I really appreciate it, you are so good to me and mine. You always take care of us, sure do love you.

Sure am trying to love your children, all of them rich and poor, regardless. Hate to point this out but sometimes you kids can be a bit stupid. Me too. Sorry about that.

You know I'm trying, right?

Love you,

Your incorrigible daughter,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


After two years spent serving an LDS mission in California, my second son is home. He and his older brother overlapped in their missions so they have not seen each other in over three years.
It is wonderful beyond words to have them all home.

Oddly enough, I feel sort of confused like I don't know what to do, guess I'll go make toffee or something.

Anyway this year we have the prettiest Christmas tree we have ever had.

And Burgess thinks we did it all for him.

" Don't you touch my ornaments!!! you want a beak stabbin?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey dad,

Seventeen years ago today, you died.
I know you just moved on. I know I will see you again but I really do miss you.

Wish you could see these boys. Let me change that statement, I know you can see them, I wish they could see you, wish we all could. They would have loved having you in their lives longer.

Brother Bill has the greatest little family. Mom must be crazy over his little kids, bet you are too.

Love you. Thanks for all you did. Tell mom I love her too.

Someday later,


slap up the side of the head

Sometimes I really need a serious slap up the side of the head, but you can't fix stupid.

Its a bit sad the Lord needs to remind me as often as he does, it is not the "stuff" that matters but the people.

In fact I can picture him right now, "its the people stupid, the people!" I added the stupid bit, pretty sure he doesn't say that, as much as he needs too I'm guessing he refrains so I said it for him.

The other day my 17 year old son had an assignment in class, his group was supposed to make a poster about the most important things in life. He said the most important thing was giving and receiving love. I guess some of the kids started to make fun of him saying it was a pansy thing to say and he was "emotional". The teacher became angry and supported him.
My young son is wise beyond his years.

He recently read "Tuesdays with Morrie" and was deeply touched by it. My son is right, more right I think than even he knows.

Love is everything.

It's not the Christmas presents, the buying, the getting, the accumulating.
It is not status or stuff, not cars, not clothes, not cellphones or TVs.

It is Love, not the love you get, but the love you give, and with the giving you receive.

So glad the Lord gives me quiet reminders and not the slap I really need. That would hurt, sort of lightning-boltish don't you think?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December stuff

Here is the Billy cat box I made, paperclay and wood....

And here is the snowman box.....
This is the cashmere lace scarf I FINALLY finished for sis-in-laws Christmas pressie.

The cashmere is incredibly light and delicate, soooooo soft.

And of course, Burgess in winter plumage, each little feather is tipped with a white triangle, so cool and very striking. In spring he will molt back to a brackish brown but for now he is very dressy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay, now he is singing the first notes of Frosty the snow man and Rudolph.

If I could only get a video of him, it is just so ephemeral, it's not like he does it on cue, only when he feels like it.
He is going to flip over the Christmas tree.

My son says he loves the way you can look into Burgess's eyes and there is someone there looking back.