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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas day

The last week has been stressful at best.

Sitting here with a valium on board and sniffing my anti-stress aromatherapy, whew, Burgess is picking around on my desk, everything is pretty good.

We had a great day with family, all of whom I love very much. Soooo wish I had the money to spoil everyone I know with whatever they wanted.

Burgess has been saying "Ti-gger, Ti-gger" the last two days. It's very funny.

Just a quick not to God;

Hey thanks for everything. I really appreciate it, you are so good to me and mine. You always take care of us, sure do love you.

Sure am trying to love your children, all of them rich and poor, regardless. Hate to point this out but sometimes you kids can be a bit stupid. Me too. Sorry about that.

You know I'm trying, right?

Love you,

Your incorrigible daughter,


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  1. Hi Maren-hope you are feeling calmer. That is a sweet calming little picture of that little girl with the bunny. Holidays can be so stressful, can't they. All those expectations!!