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Saturday, December 11, 2010

December stuff

Here is the Billy cat box I made, paperclay and wood....

And here is the snowman box.....
This is the cashmere lace scarf I FINALLY finished for sis-in-laws Christmas pressie.

The cashmere is incredibly light and delicate, soooooo soft.

And of course, Burgess in winter plumage, each little feather is tipped with a white triangle, so cool and very striking. In spring he will molt back to a brackish brown but for now he is very dressy.


  1. Oh look at Burgess--he is just too cute! The cat box and snowman box are wonderful and the scarf is just exquisite!

  2. Ditto....what janet always just make me go oooooo,!

  3. Burgess is so cool. I want one. The scarf is beautiful the boxes look fun.