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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

slap up the side of the head

Sometimes I really need a serious slap up the side of the head, but you can't fix stupid.

Its a bit sad the Lord needs to remind me as often as he does, it is not the "stuff" that matters but the people.

In fact I can picture him right now, "its the people stupid, the people!" I added the stupid bit, pretty sure he doesn't say that, as much as he needs too I'm guessing he refrains so I said it for him.

The other day my 17 year old son had an assignment in class, his group was supposed to make a poster about the most important things in life. He said the most important thing was giving and receiving love. I guess some of the kids started to make fun of him saying it was a pansy thing to say and he was "emotional". The teacher became angry and supported him.
My young son is wise beyond his years.

He recently read "Tuesdays with Morrie" and was deeply touched by it. My son is right, more right I think than even he knows.

Love is everything.

It's not the Christmas presents, the buying, the getting, the accumulating.
It is not status or stuff, not cars, not clothes, not cellphones or TVs.

It is Love, not the love you get, but the love you give, and with the giving you receive.

So glad the Lord gives me quiet reminders and not the slap I really need. That would hurt, sort of lightning-boltish don't you think?

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  1. What a wonderful thoughtful son you have raised. Such maturity at his age to realize what is really important!