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Monday, February 15, 2010


As I write this I am sitting in front of my studio window, it is trying to snow, spitting mostly. My favorite little cat Yoda is destroying papers and the cockatoo Baby, is on her branch dozing off again.

Outside the office window is a Betchel Crabapple tree. Nearly twenty years ago my parents gave it to me for my birthday. I love this little tree. In the spring the Goldfinches cover the branches like flying dandelions. The cats watch them and make excited little chattering sounds. The birds appear to be eating the flower buds. They are so beautiful, I love it and wait for them every year, both the birds and the blooms. The bees also love the tree and on warm spring days it sounds as if the tree itself is humming in the sun. Thanks mom and dad, wherever you are, the tree has brought me many years of happiness.

Today I'll be working on sketches for a magazine job and designs for the Ziing hand bags.

Youngest son (16)just walked in, how that child manages to get straight A's with apparently no effort on his part is amazing.
Oldest son is downstairs laughing about something. When he was gone for two years in Brazil, I missed his laugh so much, used to say I'd pay good money to hear his laugh. It makes me happy every time I hear him.

Life is good.

It is snowing harder now. The dog will want to come in.


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