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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just the other day a friend called and asked if I would like to have some of her china pieces and plates. HOLY COW!!!!
Darn right I'd like it!
These are beautiful things and I will love and cherish them.
So here is a photo of some of the most charming ones.

Whoo Hoo! Love these!

Thanks Pat, yer the best.

P.S. Violets are my favorite flower, and nothing smells sweeter than a cluster of half-wilted violets clutched in a small childs hand.


  1. I am definetly ready for spring and flowers and humming of bees while the sun gently bakes my face! LOL. Those are beautiful pieces. Your a lucky woman! Thanks for responding to my comment. I will check for those pencils. I need to visit the art store in Logan. I love how it smells in there. :0) Have a wonderful day.

  2. Agree with you about everything you said:)

    Try for the colorsoft pencils. I ordered mine from there. Its great to just get their catalog too!

    Have a happy day and may the sun shine for you!