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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Every spring these little faces bring a smile to mine.
We pass in the nursery or outside the grocery store and I nod and smile in familar recognition, each little face structured the same and yet so different and unique. No wonder they are called "heartsease".
They are simply happy. Just happy. We all need to remember, happiness is a state of mine and not of condition. If only I could remember myself, to be happy regardless of the situation.
Spring is coming, really it is. The hens are laying like crazy and a laying hen never lies;)
Years ago I did a pansy fabric for Kings Road. Perhaps I need to dig it out of the stash and start a pansy quilt this weekend. Yup. Sounds like a project.

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  1. love it...everybody loves pansies....everybody loves spring...everbody wants to be happy....why do we make life so hard on ourselves...sounds so easy when you put it into words!