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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

knitting, unfinished objects

There are so many things I need to finish and here are some of them jammed into my favorite bowl.
The rich brown merino will be a shawl. Alex gave me the wool for Christmas. The raspberry and grey stripe is a handdyed merino but I'm going to rip it out and re-do it in a Estonian lace pattern. The dark red in the back is a pair of socks in progress.
This is the most wonderful big bowl. Transferware is gorgeous anyway but this brown one is my favorite. I have several pieces that are beautiful there is an 1840's chocolate pot in black transferware which is fantastic and I love it. Of course as with all my really good stuff it is put away because in this house a kid will break it or a cat will pee on it. Sigh. It would be so nice to have all my lovely things out where they could be enjoyed but not in this house!!!!.
It's okay though. If the house was empty and perfect it would be lifeless.
Now back to the knitting and the quilting and the art-ing.
Life is good.

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