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Monday, March 15, 2010

pics around the house

Today when I was supposed to be cleaning, I took some pics around the house. This one is of the tiny gouache painting of my good boys hanging on my bedroom door.
This is in my dining room. The sign was from my grandpa's glass shop. He and his brother ran this shop for many years until they had a falling out then he changed his name spelling to Larsen. Kinda sad they never got together again. I am so grateful, through a series of serendipitous events, I got the old sign. It was a miracle.
When my kids were little I made this ship for them. In the hold there are little sailors and bags of food, a treasure chest and a map. There is a small bird cage and silverware, pots and pans, all kinds of fun stuff.

The piece of salvage trim hanging on my living room wall, and the vintage plates I love. Wish I had more of them! There are some more pretty ones put away, if I had tons of them they would be all over my walls.

This afternoon it was sunny and bright outside. The light through the stained glass shutters in my living room always makes my happy. I made these years ago and though it took me a while to complete them, it sure was worth it!!! I love these. For years I was afraid one of my kids would put a lacrosse stick through them but so far so good. Thank heavens, I'd have a heart attack if anything happened to these things.
Well back to pretending to clean stuff......

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