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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rescue dogs

Thursday evening my sons and I picked up two elderly chihuahua's from Four Paws Rescue. We will be fostering them until we can find a suitable home. They were dumped in a cemetery along with twelve other little dogs and left to freeze to death. These two little ones are so darling, quiet and practically invisible. The dark one is the tiniest dog I have ever seen. They are so bonded to each other, they are practically two halves of the same body.
Tigger has made himself at home here. He sleeps behind my butt in the office chair all day and hogs the pillows in our bed at night. He is a good little guy. Very young dog, his permanent canine teeth are just barely starting to poke through his gums. He got some new toys yesterday and spent the afternoon playing and trying to get everyone else to play too. He got a new pillow for a bed under my desk but Yoda has taken it as her own.
I purchased some old books to start an altered book project. I have been gessoing the pages and messing with that project. Messing is the operative word here. Always a mess. Geez.
Today the silk dyes I ordered arrived. Now for another messy project. Silk painting. I am so excited about it. Concerned a little about the fumes from the gutta percha, it might bother the cockatoo but I think if I do it in another room and crack a window it should be okay.
This is going to be fun!!!!!


  1. You are so good to take in homeless animals. I think the chihuahua's are adorable and Tigger is pretty cute. I hope you find homes for them before too long!

  2. They are adorable....I don´t think I would be able to give them to other people....that is my problem I get too attached.