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Sunday, March 28, 2010

collage experiment

Playing with watercolor, collage and paint chips tonight. Wish the lighting was better, sorry about that.

This is what happens when you are sleeping so soundly you fall out of your bed. And yes that is the really crappy window sill in my office, I took out the trim to put new trim in and have not done it yet.
A few months ago I bought myself a new trim saw and I'm going to de-do all the trim in my house. Eventually.
Well I am going to have to get myself motivated because son #2 is coming home in less than nine months and I want EVERYTHING done around here.
Since this is my work space you can see why I always say my medium is watercolor etc. and a liberal sprinkling of cat hair.

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  1. Oh that is precious! Yes, I recognize the behavior as being very Little Baby-ish!! (OOH--I made a rhyme!)