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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vegas Knitting

Finished the scarf made from yarn purchased in Vegas.
Oh yes there is life off the Vegas strip, but, it seems those controlling entities ON the strip would prefer you never leave. Its so much easier to take your money when you don't wander too far away.

This is a simple scarf in a knit, purl pattern, made of a cotton/silk Noro yarn.

This is a soft yarn, some of Noro is not particularly soft but the color and blends are fantastic. I was really happy to find this yarn, it is not available around here. I had heard Noro was a little coarse but this one is great, a super soft cotton. So now it is finished and Mr. Tinky has posed for you in it, I will wash it, lay it flat to dry and send it of to my sister. Hope she knows how much I appreciate the trip to Vegas!

Is Mr. Tinky totally adorable or what.

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  1. Mr. Tinky is more than adorable....the scarf is the colors the are so talented and I love that you love and know so much