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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cherry season!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot eat these things fast enough. They are my favorite, especially the gigantic ones from Washington State but the ones from nearby Brigham City aren't too shabby either.

This is a photo of Tasmanian's butt, and the "altered" blinds, you see, if things are in your way and are inconvenient for you The Cat, then by all means tear them apart until it suits you better. Now he can go in and out of the window even when the blinds are down. You should see him ooze through the hole he created.

Hemi caught this little fellow, its a field vole, very cute with it's almost Teddy bear face, he seemed physically unharmed but I am sure the psychological damage is substantial. Imagine the story he told his friends and family when we took him back to the alfalfa field.

And this is Baby Herself, sitting on my sons shoulder and eating her garlic cheese toast. Actually it was part of our supper but she tends to insist on having what we have. The dogs have learned to watch for what she drops and often catches her left-overs before it even hits the ground.

I have a great deal of art I need to focus on, the yard needs to be done the house needs work, I need to finish trim work, Tim needs to take the boys camping for a few days so I can lay the floor in our bedroom, hen house needs to be re-painted, plants planted, porch stained, oh my goodness the list is endless. There is just not enough of me to go around.
If everyone would just clear out until I could get stuff done.
As I write this I am perched on the edge of my chair because Tigger is right behind me and taking up most of the space, Yoda is on the other chair, Rogue is at my feet, the chihuahuas are in their antique bowl staring at me, Baby is on her tree stand. In the eight square feet directly around me there are eight bodies. Good grief.
Pity I don't drink and I'm out of cherries and chocolate. damn.


  1. Very funny pictures. I remember when I first met Baby. She is a gorgeous bird.

  2. My cat has done the same thing to my blinds! Actually they aren't even my blinds- I'm renting for the summer. Guess I'll be buying new blinds around this time next month.
    I love your illustrations. They're absolutely beautiful!!
    (I came across your blog via Geninne's)