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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4

I love my country.
The ability to achieve is unlimited in this country as is the ability to degrade oneself. It is our right to choose.
Hard work, initiative, education, ingenuity and a little luck and you can achieve anything.
No one determines for you your status or job, no one but you decides if you are educated or not, women walk through the halls of Washington with as much respect as male counterparts, their voices are not silenced behind custom and misogynist culture.
I am thrilled a black family is the First Family. Though I intensely disagree with nearly every word out of the presidents mouth, I am so proud to have a black man in office.
I have the right to disagree with him, it is my constitutional right to do so. This is the only country in the world without censorship of some sort. I hope it stays that way.
Since World War 2 every time there has been a crisis in the world those suffering have asked, "where are the Americans?" and we have come, with an unmatched generosity we have given to those all around the world over and over again and God willing we will continue to do so.
I believe the Constitution was ordained of God. I believe this country is Gods country. Because it is Gods it will not fail unless we as a people turn our backs and give away our rights.
The other day a young man came by selling educational programs door to door. As I got him ice water and a snack we engaged in a conversation, he came by a few days later for more water and again we talked, this time I asked why he was so far from home. He is from Latvia, he said he was here on an exchange program and he said "I will do ANYTHING for an education." he was adamant and determined.
Though still in his teens he knew an education was a key to opportunity anywhere in the world. He did say, "one thing you must remember about Latvia, we won our freedom, and from a much bigger country, Russia." This conversation with this young man has really stayed with me.
Freedom. Education. Opportunity.
When this country was founded much of what we take for granted were unusual and quite frankly bizarre concepts. Speaking aloud ones opinions could have gotten you a jail sentence, King George was not terribly accustomed to criticism, now it is common place to shout the president is an idiot. We are only censored by our selves and whether we want to take the flack from those with opposing views.
A kid from Latvia, a teenager came here for an education. In my state, Utah, it is common to have a university degree, the assumption is that you will go to college, it's a given. Not so common in the rest of the world is it, we take it for granted and the rest of the world hungers for it.
I love my country. I love, love, love my country.
And I am totally hot for George Washington. Just sayin.

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