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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad dog

Tigger is still a puppy and the chewing goes on and on and on....
He got up on a chair and fished several things out of an antique bowl on the table, one was a velvet covered dog, a childs toy, over 100 years old. "Was" is the operative word here.

The other thing was a tiny book. Was. So here is a tiny portrait on the remaining cover of said book, a portrait of Tigger at his most innocent. Little bugger.

He really does have worry wrinkles on his forehead. And when he is really curious his ears nearly touch above his forehead. Good thing he is cute.

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  1. An appropriate use of the remains of the book!! When my daughter was a teenager, we adopted a little stray dog and we were all away one day and when we came home, that little dog had jumped on her bed and chewed all the noses off of her stuffed animals!! She was so mad!! It's a good thing that little dog was cute!! They get away with a lot when they look at you with those big eyes!!