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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blues and Greens

When my son was in Brazil, one of the lovely Brazilian women would cook for him and his companion. She often spoke of her desire for American food especially maple syrup, so I sent her some, a big box of all kinds of syrup,mixes and fun stuff.

Recently I got a box in the mail from her, and inside were these wonderful hand embellished towels. Her embroidery work is exquisite, skillfully done, I just love them. What a dear thing to do! all the way from Brazil!

The male Call ducks are in fine form right now. Their names are Ed , Edd and Eddy and Edward.

I started to do a little painting of Burgess but this little brown bird appeared instead.

And this......Oh My...I am so in love with this yarn! the color combo (my fav), the silkiness and the way it puddles and pools...LOOOVE!

You will never believe what kind of fiber it is. Sugar cane. Yup sugar cane. weird right?
And no it does not taste sweet, and yes I know for sure, I tasted it.


  1. Where to start...the towels are gorgeous-that ribbon embroidery!! I love the names of the duckss-too funny!And what a sweet bird drawing--looks like hes sitting on a nest of yarn!! I do want to see a drawing of Burgess though--I'm kind of partial to him!!

  2. I'll send you a painting of Burgess if you'd like Janet.