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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

one of these things are not like the other....

Can you tell the difference? The egg yolk on the left is a store-bought egg, the one on the right, is one from my own hens. As spring and summer rolls around the egg yolk will become even darker and richer, an intense deep orange. They make incredible lemon pies and pound cakes and noodles and challah, everything is better, and simple scrambled eggs are fabulous.
And here is darling Burgess, preparing to poop on a painting.
I wish everyone could have seen how naughty he was the other day.
I was embroidering on linen and he was trying to take the threads, he became incensed when I told him no, it was so funny. The feathers rise on his head and he starts squawking and stabbing with that beak of his. It always makes us laugh when he gets soooo mad at things.
He thinks he is a much bigger bird than he really is, and does not hesitate to tell his people off.

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