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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday evening

Three turkeys on a Sunday.
We need names for the one on the right and left. The middle one is Jacob. Any suggestions?
The female is on the right the male on the left. They are only a couple of months old, so they are going to be massive birds. The turkey we had before was named Lurch, she was famous around the entire neighborhood.


  1. Ha ha not good at names...jacob is a great one for the one in the middle...I missed him at my house on Thursday. I think elegant names for awkward creatures is fun but at this point I have no suggestions because I would have to know them personally before I could suggest a name....:/

  2. How about Tomasina for the female and I had a male cat when I was a little girl--his name was twinkle tommy toes. Okay, versions of tom-not too original, but those are my suggestions. I see that the love of birds and animals definitely run in your family!!

  3. Love it Janet! Twinkle Tommy Toes! too funny snort:)