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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Where there is a basket of wool, there is little Yoda. I love this funny, chubby, opinionated cat.
Burgess was sunning himself the other day in my office window, his grape snacks are behind him, he does love fruit but he is a terribly messy eater, which stands to reason since he only has a beak to tear his food apart with and no opposable thumbs.
He was getting very relaxed, it felt soooooo good, he kept sinking lower and lower and his eyes became droopier and droopier. He has learned that a gentle head-scratching is delicious and will throw his head back to indicate he wants a scratching or a careful rub. Funny little guy.

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  1. What a funny photo of Burgess--I love it and Yoda--what a sweetie!