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Monday, November 1, 2010

minor obsession: wool

Wool and paint.
I am obsessed. There is never enough of either.
This is icelandic wool on a hand spindle and a large ceramic bowl of watercolor paint.
I spun the icelandic in a fairly light and loft yarn, plied double and then I spun a dark brown icelandic wool plied it with the off white wool for a two tone look. This was knit into a hat for my son for Christmas. Part of the hat was brown and part of the hat was white. Needle point wool.
I have two vintage chairs I want to re-cover in needlepoint but I have to come up with something wild and wonderful NOT the traditional circle of flowers.
Plain white wool.
Delicious. Sheepy. Wonderful. I just love wool. My favorite fiber! although I have had a fixation on cashmere yarn lately too.
Funny how the goats who wear the cashmere don't seem to realize they are wearing a luxury fiber. It is stinky and disgusting when they wear it. They don't mind at all. Goats are the best. My goat-girls have gone to heaven but they were great girls. I adored them. Rosie was a bit dense and Lily was a stinker, but they made me very happy.

And then there is Burgess......
Here he is prying into some cotton yarn I stared making a dish cloth with, he is HORRIBLE with knitting. HORRIBLE! And even worse when I am trying to paint something....he insists on hauling off with the paint brush.
Sometimes he gets so naughty he has to go in his cage just so I can get something done.
He is an opinionated bird, never seen anything like it, he gets, well, pissy. Seriously. He gets really bent out of shape if he does not get his own way. It is very funny. The feathers on top of his head stand up like a little crew cut and he starts squawking and pecking with that needle sharp beak of his.
He is getting his new winter feathers in, they are quite striking with delicate white tips. Very pretty.
Funny little thing.
Quite the prodigious pooper though.

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  1. I don't think I would want Burgess getting pissy with me--that beak looks sharp! I would love to see what you do with that chair cushion!