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Friday, November 19, 2010

just plain wierd.

I watch people.
I catch myself staring at them. I'm weird that way.
Usually it because I find them so beautiful, not in the magazine cover, model, Hollywood way, but how sometimes, you can see their soul, or I watch how the light falls on their face, or how it shifts through their hair.

I stare at children. In the grocery store as I wander the aisle babies and toddlers catch my eye and they stare back at me, for a few seconds there is a connection and I smile and they smile. I love it. I find the beauty of them stunning. The freshness of their little faces delights my soul.

I stare at the elderly. I feel such compassion for them. I do try to be a little discrete but I watch all the time. Weird.

I love people but then someone will piss me off and I'll hate them all and then five minutes later feel compassion again.

It's what happens when you are not only ADD but a Gemini, you can't stay the same for more than a few minutes....

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