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Sunday, November 28, 2010


So I have had this dream for a long time now, pretty damn sure it is never going to come true, not that fate doesn't like me or anything ( it does not by the way), it is just a time issue.

You see, I want a lilac forest, at least an acre planted in lilacs and grasses. Since it takes sooooo long for lilacs to grow, like fifty years, I am pretty sure I won't live long enough to see it in fruition even if I started planting tomorrow and that is not going to happen.

So here is the dream, a lilac forest, with little sheep grazing around, knee deep in clover so to speak, and an orchard on the other side of a picturesque stone fence. A giant pig named Booger lives in the orchard, I stand on the back veranda of the old farm house and yell, BOOGER and she comes running (trundling cause she's so huge) up from the orchard to get her beer. Though I don't drink I'll keep a case around for her.
We'll go for long walks down our own lane with the goats, a few dogs, couple of cats and a miniature Jersey cow.
The lilacs will be in full bloom, the scent intoxicating, tiny new lambs frolic in the sweet grasses with fat newly shorn mommas keeping watch.
There is a forest with pathways, stone outcroppings for the goats to play on, a small creek and pond.
By the farm house there is a great vegetable garden, weedless of course , and fields of corn and alfalfa and a grand view.
By the old white house, there are hedges, massive falls of David Austin roses, all my favorites, Getrude Jekyll, Graham Thomas and Mary Rose, and of course one of the roses I love the most, Wald Fee will be in abundance all around the house.
Obviously I will need "help" to keep up the place while I fart around and do whatever I want to. do, mostly art work, in the loft of the gigantic post and beam barn.
I even have a name for it, FoxEarth Farm.
Or maybe I could call it My Happy Place.


  1. A whole field of lilacs!! Oh how wonderful that would be!! Not so sure about Booger but to each his own!! Have you seen the book "Creative Illustration workshop" by Katherine Dunn? She lives on a farm and has all kinds of animals-donkeys and goats etc and has lavendar fields and she draws and paints wonderful folk arty pictures of her animals and her farm.

  2. Thanks Janet for the tip, I'll go look her up right now.
    lavendar fields would push me over the edge....i adore lavendar and seem to always kill mine off.
    hugs to you and your little Sparky.
    we have a Sparky too (actually Spartacus)a nutcase Shelty. he is soooo gorgeous and equally dense.

  3. I love booger.. You come up with the best names ever. I like your happy place.