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Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh No! another one.

Oh no, not again. This little one, just learning to fly ended up in a dog yard where a golden retriever mistook it for a squeaky toy. Its injury was minor by most standards but these tiny ones are so frail. It would rally and then fail, rally and fail until it simply stopped. Who knows what was going on in it's tiny body. I hate it when this happens, just hate it. Poor little thing managed to hang on for about 48 hours is all.

It is rare when they survive, it is just so difficult to care for them. Burgess is a miracle really, kind of a pest but a miracle.
Speaking of Burgess, this is darling Yoda watching him flutter around my office. She would like to have a go at him but she is too pudgy to make the effort, she thinks about it though. She is sitting on my knitting, it is a bright blue baby shrug, so cute! It's not very big so her butt covers nearly the whole thing.
Recently I purchased some handspun Icelandic yarn from a lovely little girl who had cleaned and spun the wool herself. She is not very old, a teenager, and she has done a wonderful job. I am quite impressed. Anyway, it is a natural warm grey color and I have started a lace shawl with it. Icelandic sheep can have a fairly coarse wool and this is not very soft, but it will be a great shawl to throw over the jeans jacket I wear so often in the winter.
I do have some white Icelandic that is very soft, from a great old ram named Hammer, and nearly seven pounds of roving from my Icelandic ewes named Marilyn and Berry. I've been saving Hammers yarn for something special but I have not decided what to do with it yet. Marilyn had a very soft creamy fleece, almost a vanilla ice-cream color. It will be wonderful yarn if I ever get it spun. Berry was a chocolate color and not as soft but it will still be gorgeous yarn. Someday.

This lace is going to need a very serious blocking when it is done.

She also spun a deliciously bouncy white wool and I am so in love with the squishy-ness of it, I don't know what I am going to do with it. It is very soft and, well, sproinky.
Shall I keep it natural white? shall I hand dye it? Will it make a small shawl? Socks would be luxurious with it.... Hmmm I don't know, though I am leaning toward a small lace shawl.
Gotta go clean my studio, its a disaster.


  1. Your knitting is beautiful--so delicate--Yoda looks pretty intent on watching Burgess--I hope Burgess doesn't get too friendly with her. Sorry about the baby bird.

  2. I wish I had your sense of....senses:) your blog....the boys are still talking about going to your house...and....tigger and the ducks! which they didn't see but adon brought home that feather and it is sitting on my mantel so little brother doesn't get it! loved our visit! thank you so much for being!