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Friday, September 10, 2010

After lunch...

Today I picked up a friend from her chemo treatments. We went to lunch at a favorite Mexican place and had a long talk.

Once again I am reminded how very, very blessed I am, blessed with wonderful, insightful intelligent friends, reminded again of the power of prayer and how faith can make even the most wounded person more whole than those without faith can possibly imagine and reminded again of the nobility of the human soul.

There are no depths to great for a human being to sink, no limits to mans ability to degrade himself or herself. On the other hand there is also no limit to the greatness of a human being determined to continue in the course of refining oneself, with self-restraint, kindness, prayer, humility, grace and a commitment to being Christ-like. This is a daily process and a difficult one.
Perhaps that is where the commitment comes in, you make the decision and determine to stay with it, never falter always trying, the decision to simply be good. Just be good.

Commitment and then obedience.

I am reminded that prayer is not just a quick post to the Lord as you go about your day but a cherished conversation with a Father and friend.

I am reminded my grand and handsome sons are worth every sacrifice I have ever made.

I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

After lunch I ran downstairs to check on those sons, One was asleep on the couch, one was playing x-box and shushed me so I would not wake his brother and then he pointed out that Burgess was also asleep on the open door of the TV cabinet, his little head tucked under his wing. his tiny chest feathers falling up and down with each breath.

I love this weird household.

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