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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog give away

" Behold, this is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified My name."

What love and joy the Father must have felt for his son, how great the love Mary must have felt for her Miracle.

This birth was and is one of the most profound examples of love the universe have ever known, next in comparison only to the death and resurrection of Christ.

The birth of the Beloved Son into mortality is the manifestation of the very love that created the universe and by which it continues to expand.

I love the phrase, "the condescension of God", Christ, born of Mary the chosen vessel, condescended to be a human baby, to poop his pants, to cry with hunger, to toddle, to fall and get up again. To die.
Then there is Mary. The most beautiful virgin. So intelligent, virtuous, decent and faithful she was chosen to bear the Beloved Son and raise him, to help him fulfill his destiny of the cross, to help him get there.

I think her love for this child and her suffering as she watched him grow up and die must have been unimaginable.

What I do like to imagine and what I believe with all my heart is that he as the resurrected Christ returned to love and comfort his mother. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what he said to her? His Mommy.

The most noble title given to the Mother of God?


Heather on the excellent blog is having a give away.

I have made a print of the painting of The Beloved Son available for her to give away on her blog.
Go make a comment on her blog and enter to win this and several other great prizes.

I hope you enjoy this painting, it took forever to do.

The original is done in colored pencil and gold leaf.

If you do not win her give away and want a print they are available in my etsy shop,



  1. I have been meaning to respond to the comment you left on my blog ages ago!

    Thank you so much for the kind words you said about me and my family.

    Your painting is just beautiful, and we are honored to have it. I particularly love how Mary is depicted. What a talent you have!

    I have contacted Heather with my information (address etc.) If you need anything else let me know. I will be sure to let people who see the painting in our home know more about you and your work.

    Thank you again!

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