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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well I have been just terrible about updating this blog. There has been allot going on too.

I put the "Fall into Winter" quilt in the county fair and it won a Sweepstakes ribbon, I did not get to see it hanging because I had gall-bladder surgery at the same time.
Jacob had four teeth pulled and he was super miserable then there was school to get ready for.... a million different things going on it seems. Blogging was just not high on the list.

Anyway here is a picture of Mr. Tinky. Isn't he adorable.

Tigger...pretty stinkin adorable too.
Mr. Tinky and Miss Piggy. She is doing so much better, not anywhere near as frightened and miserable.

Here is Burgess driving me crazy. He loves to "help" with my knitting.

This is a silk shawl in the most wonderful silvery grey, for my friend for Christmas.

Lace scarf done in Baby Alpaca, it needs to be blocked.

Collage backgrounds done and ready for painting.

another background ready, and some small bird paintings.

I have been working on re-painting my bedroom too. The top part is the most delicious chocolate color, exactly the color of Hersheys syrup right from the bottle. The bottom2/3 of the wall is a creamy antique white with trim work and the ceiling is the palest blue.
I LOVE it. Hopefully this week I can start putting in the new hardwood floor.
So even though I have not been writing, I have actually been doing stuff.
Have to admit though, I get a bit crazy trying to do everything all at the same time.
The yard has been suffering all summer. It looks terrible. This time of year I keep hoping for a hard frost so there is an excuse for my yard to look the way it does.
Burgess is driving me nuts as I type. He keeps running across the keyboard. What a funny little bird.
Okay, he is going to keep this up until he mangages to delete my whole post.
Signing off now......


  1. You have been busy!! Love the little bird paintings and it's fun to see Burgess again!!

  2. You make me hearing about and seeing your are so gifted...I love it...woohoo on the quilt...a work of art for sure.....I cant believe all that you have done and had surgery.....I do n o t h i n g ! I need a skill/hobby......keep bloggin:)