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Monday, February 13, 2012

Last weeks obsession

A week ago, last Sunday, I was trying to clean my office, which usually means I re-package and re-box all my stuff and move it around, there is never enough space for all the supplies I accumulate. I was putting away some extra yarns that had no specific purpose when I decided to knit them up. I cast on a small sweater instead of cleaning.

The colors are a bit odd in the photo, the blue is a rich dark navy, the brown is a russett, sienna type brown, gold and a great coral, melon color, the colors are much nicer than the photo shows, darn.
There is no pattern, I just knit and changed colors at will.
Here is the inside, the technique is sometimes called 'Norwegian stranded knitting" the colors of yarn are carried across the back of the work, it actually creates a double layer of wool making this type of knitting decorative and very warm.
My mother was taught by a Danish woman who called it double knitting. Anna was a prodigious knitter, always turning out amazing creations, I am fortunate to have one of her Scandinavian style sweaters.
Anyway I will order clasps/closures for the front of this little sweater and put it away in case I ever have a grand-kid!

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  1. Oh boy am I impressed! First that you did this without a pattern and second that you finished it in one week!!