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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a couple of things.

Sitting around with my leg elevated has bored the living snot out of me. If I don't keep the dang thing up my knee swells to the size of a hefty cantaloupe, but I have managed to get a couple of projects finished....a heavy wool sweater/coat and a lace scarf.

The lace is the softest froth of hand-spun merino wool, so soft and squishy, I love it. The wool coat is a heavy sort of itchy wool from Rowan, I would not have bought the stuff but it was on a huge clearance and I cannot say no to a massive yarn sale. Just could not pass it up, it was so wicked cheap and Rowan yarns are usually very expensive.

The soft merino hand-spun is simply delicious, its natural color and texture is a delight to wear.

For several years I have planned to have sheep again, I adored my Babydoll Southdown sheep, but I am afraid now with an implant knee...well the thought of being tossed by a ram or knocked over by a nervous ewe, it's rather frightening. I know first hand they damage they can cause. My sheep were very sweet and tame and even then the ram, Robert, could not be trusted, you never wanted to turn your back on him. He tossed me once, head over heels and I landed flat in a mud puddle. My son laughed his ass off. As I laid there trying to re-gain my senses I said to him, "Hey when you can stop laughing come pick your mother out of the mud". I have to admit it must have been hysterically funny.

Robert was an unusual ram, he loved to be cuddled and have his chest scratched, he must have weighed in around 250 lbs, so when he did not get his lovins when he wanted he would insist and 250 pounds of determined ram is nearly unstoppable. He would lean against my thigh and follow me everywhere though I always kept a hand on his head so he could not get a run-up, as loving as he was he could still be dangerous.

There are a lot of things I have dreamed of, a farm, a lilac forest with little grazing sheep, to have goats again, a little Jersey cow, a pig named Booger who drinks beer....I guess they will never happen, that's why they are dreams, right?

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  1. What a gorgeous scarf! And I love the idea of a lilac forest--how fabulous would that be. Giving up some of the things we used to do is a real drag, isn't it.