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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

watch out learning curve!

OOOOh this is going to be fun! Son number two and I are going to be getting bee hives this spring. Two of them. Yup. I'm nuts.

One of our turkeys, Denzel, has a nest and is laying eggs. We guessed wrong on that one. Do we keep the name Denzel and change the spelling? It's not like she will be presenting ID anywhere or signing checks, so I don't think she will care is we spell it DenZelle or even change her name at all. So not only will be adding bees to the zoo here, we will have to find a male Bourbon Red Turkey. We need a few new hens too.

The boys will have to build an addition to the chicken house! I will have to just stand around and give orders, I can probably do that.


  1. Bees are fun... get the domestic ones, if you want calm ones.
    Turkeys are good bug eaters..... see how they tangle with the bees.

  2. Standing around giving orders sounds like the perfect job! How about Mademoiselle Denzel?