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Thursday, January 5, 2012

knee replacement...ow.

So here is the installation of my shiny new titanium knee.

Can I say the pain was spectacular and still nasty? How about, "oh my hell that hurts so bad I can hardly breathe?" Oh wait, breathing was a problem.

For the first thirty six hours I stopped breathing every time I relaxed or even tried to sleep. With the alarms going off every five minutes to remind me to breathe, I developed a passionate hatred for the oximeter, though I am grateful it kept me alive and breathing it difficult to go that long without sleep and the pain and nausea from anesthesia made a rather horrible first few days.

Good grief, knees in working order are a great treasure, this is not something I would recommend. If you have good knees make sure you do everything you can to keep them that way!

Maybe in three months I will change my mind but for now, holy crap it hurts.


  1. Yikes!! Sounds horrific and scary!! Glad you are breathing steadily now!!

  2. It's been awhile now since you've written. How're things going? Walking yet?

  3. Tru..initial days tease so much. Your body even take much time to accept this all!

  4. I have had both knees replaced. My last surgery was in October. For over a month now my ankle and leg have swollen..its painful.
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