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Monday, January 23, 2012

long sabbatical

Well I was not expecting to be away for so long, but then I was not expecting to be so miserable either.
This has been very difficult and there is still a long way to go. I can sit at a desk now and bend the knee which is great but it is still stiff and very painful.
The most surprising thing about this surgery was the depression which has followed it. I was not expecting that little side-swipe.
When I saw the Dr. today he said he was very pleased with my progress. It finally got through my thick head that I will never have a "normal" knee again, it will not bend as far as the old one and I will be lucky to get about 115 degrees of bend. The Dr. told me I will never again kneel to garden, pull weeds or scrub a floor. My sons said," that's okay mom it's not like you did it that often anyway". Sigh.

Because I am young for knee replacement (one of the few things I am too young for) I will have to baby this thing and make it last.
Pretty sure I don't ever want to re-do this nasty experience.


  1. Good to hear your voice again. Soon we'll read about the things you have done or plan to do. The limiting things were a surprise, but redlines are to be exceeded just to see if it can be done, if nothing else. Ask any NASCAR crew.

  2. Glad to see you post again Maren--not sorry that you can't scrub the floor or pull weeds--but am sorry about some of the other things you will have to not do--but you will find ways to compensate. Big changes--such an adjustment when our bodies won't do what we want them to do any more...