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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Normally we do not have dogs at the dining room table, the boys did think this was pretty funny though.
Tigger kept jumping onto Josh's chair, he would have eaten right off the plate had we let him.
Mr Tinky looks pretty content don't you think?
Supposedly if you stare at it hard enough it will pop right into your mouth.
Last night when I was cooking the boys brought Denzel in, he looks a little concerned, there he was sitting on the fence sound asleep and he is whisked into light and warmth and confronted with a box of stuffing. Disconcerting to say the least.
And no we don't eat anyone we have been introduced too, Denzel is safe, he has had his cat food treat for his Thanksgiving dinner, he and Katie Google are fine and happy


  1. Mr Tinky looks like he had too much turkey and stuffing!! altho, I am glad it wasn't Denzel or any of his friends!! You have the best sense of humor!!

  2. sweet...I think it is funny you have pics of your pets and not of your sons:)

  3. Sons would not be happy if I posted pics of them! Even though not one of them has ever read my blog, they say, "why bother, we live with you".