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Monday, November 21, 2011


After much internal debate and a ton of procrastination, I have decided to embroider a single bird for the back of the antique couch I am finally finishing.

The couch is an Eastlake style, beautiful mahogany, with three back panels of fabric insets. They will be plain natural linen except for this single bird.

I will post pictures of it when it is finally finished, Thanksgiving cooking might get in the way of finishing it off, but I am making huge progress on the thing.

Everything has been stripped the wood given a new oil buffing while retaining the old patina, the springs retied, new burlap straps, and really all I need to do is layer the stuffings for the seat and staple the linen in place.

Then when it is finished it will be covered in plastic with razor wire all around it to protect it, there are just too many animals in this house, somebody will be overly tempted to pee on it.

Okay maybe not razor wire, but plastic?, yes.


  1. ...a project indeed a stitch in time

  2. Sooo I got to the "razor wire" part and totally thought you were serious. I mean the flow of it was flawless. Have I told you how talented you are lately? I mean, wow...