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Friday, June 17, 2011


Wow. I cannot believe I am putting pictures of Tiggers garbage on the Internet, but here it is.

Little stinker sleeps in one bed and keeps his toys, bits of stolen garbage and pilfered cat food cans in the other.
Sometimes he sleeps with his toys and tucks his cat food cans around him. It's hysterical, we think it is so funny!

See the one can with the holes in it? it looks like it was shot up and used for target practice? that is the one Rogue chewed on. Her huge canines go through the tin like it was paper.

They are so naughty about stealing garbage.

Haven't been getting much art work done, it is difficult to work at my desk and keep my broken leg elevated. I have had a lot of nerve pain in the ankle where it is broken on both sides, it has been distressing to say the least.
Hopefully I will have some new work to show soon.

Also I need to get out in the garden to take pictures of the six teeny tiny new ducklings!

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