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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is nearly two in the morning. Once again I accomplished nothing today other than a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
My much loved daughter/friend came by to "hang out" she left around eleven tonight. Husbutt breezed in a round six announced he had a pre-sentence report the judge needed asap and he was going back to work. He grabbed a cookie changed clothes and left.
Son number two and daughter/friend and I went to McDonald's for dinner, son number one was at work, son number three, gone all day with friends.
Though I am still supposed to be off the broken leg and ankle nothing is getting done around here, so I have decided it's all better, I am just going to do what needs to be done, it might take me a bit longer since I still hobble with a confining boot-cast, and I look like a decrepit ninety year old, but oh well, "poof" all better.
Anyway, I have been thinking tonight about how I thought as the kids got older I would have more creative time, and in a way I do but also as old as they are, they still consume a great deal of time and energy, surprisingly so, I did not expect it. In fact now they are older I cannot send them to bed and have the nights to create, they are up all night too!
Sometimes I have to remember it is the people who matter, they are the priority. My wonderful sons will not always be here, they will marry and have families of their own, Husbutt will always be addicted to his work and I will have time and more time.
Perhaps it is an excuse for being profoundly lazy, maybe I am more lazy than I thought, but there are an awful lot of demands on me, Husbutt, three sons, five dogs, six cats a couple dozen chickens and ducks, an amazingly demanding Starling, the house and yard, hmmm the fact that I am seriously handicapped in the organization dept might be problem too. How do other people do it all? Its a serious question I really want to know.
There is a time and a season for everything. Perhaps it is a matter of patience.


  1. I consider baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies a great accomplishment--"nuthin says lovin' like somethin from the oven". As women, I think we are too hard on ourselves--thinking we have to do it all. Just do what you can do and don't worry about the rest--take care of that leg and give it time to heal. And you are right, before you know it, you will have more than enough time for whatever you want to do--altho there will be grandchildren and always pets-as I can tell you are an animal lover--well, you know--you just have to carve out that creative time and enjoy! Sorry this is so long...

  2. When you find the answer let me know! ;)