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Sunday, March 6, 2011

sewing with help

Today I was trying to sew a linen pillow but Burgess was determined to help with the project.

Many times when I am working on something he insists on "riding the wrist". I managed to get some pics of him doing just that, and poking his long Pinocchio-nose where it does not belong.

It is pretty funny but he does drop the occasional warm doodie which is not appreciated:)


  1. Burgess has a very sharp looking beak!! How can you run the sewing machine with him sitting on your wrist? He does have a mind of his own, doesn't he!!

  2. HI Janet, that beak is needle sharp and he does not mind poking with it to let you know he does not approve of whatever!
    He is "riding the wrist" as I type right now.
    He is a stinker. We sure love him.