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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last summer I got a little crazy about natural linen, and a bit nuts about lavender.
I intended to upholster an antique couch in the linen and I will, but have not gotten the courage up to tackle the project yet.
Another artist showed some embroidery on linen somewhere along the line, on their blog(thanks to to Geninne at and I began to wonder what it would be like to embroider the back of the couch.
I thought I would start with some pillows first to see if I liked it. Well I do. I like it a great deal. The designs are just free-hand drawn onto the linen and then embroidered with beading accents.

This little guy has bubble like beads. I have always wanted a big googly-eyed gold fish. They are my favorite.

This one is large and very loosely stuffed with wool felted and applied circles.

This is a small one and it is stuffed with about a cup of dried lavender.

This one too has lavender and a hanging loop.

These are small and meant to tuck into drawers, they still have almost a cup of lavender even though they are little.

I'm putting these in my Foxearth Farm Etsy shop. I will have more pillows coming, the one with the mermaid on it is going to be sooooo neat.


  1. These are just wonderful! I love lavender--I will have to go check out your other blog-shop
    Your little birds are so cute!!