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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hexagon quilt

It has been several years since I started this project. Like everything else I do, I work on it then end up putting it away for awhile to have the room, interest and enthusiasm to work on something else.
Everything on this is done by hand.
The applique on the center panel, is all by hand.
Years ago I purchased a pre-1830's quilt which had the most incredible stitching. I decided to replicate the fineness and style of the antique. I felt like if she, so many years ago could execute such fine work, so could I. The stitches run around 28 to an inch. When the top is finished I will handstitch the backing and the batting will be carefully combed very thin layers of wool from my beloved Rachel and Joy. Some of the fabrics I used were ones I designed for Kings Road and Baum textiles.
When the top is finished and quilted, the edges will be whipstitched and a border of knotted cotton edging will be applied by hand. There is a problem with the plan though, I have not yet learned the knotting technique. I will though.
There are so many projects I have to finish. I sure hope I live long enough to do it all.
This particular project really is a pain in the butt. Each hexagon of fabric is basted to a piece of paper first then sewn together. Just cutting out all the paper pieces is a trial in patience. geez. What kind of egotism made me take on this challenge? Just because I admired the work of a seamstress two hundred years ago, I decide to take up a challenge? What an idiot. Me not her.
And when I get it done, and I will, in this house? I will just have to put it away so a cat doesn't pee on it.

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  1. You are a multi faucited (sp) creature for deep and so intricut....and a great writer to boot:)