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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Years ago I was bummin in an antiques shop with a friend. I found two things that blew my mind.

One was a book from my mothers house my brother had scribbled in. I knew that book by heart. After my dear mom died and the family members had taken what they wanted I sold many of the remaining books, putting the money back into the estate.

Now in retrospect, I should have bought the book back.

The second thing was a wonderfully aged sepia photo. It was of a gorgeous little boy and his very large dog. The tender companionship of these two really touched me. This I bought, and it started a search for 1800's photos of kids and their dogs. Though I have many now the first one has always been the favorite until a friend of mine posted on his facebook profile this little gem....

Taken in 1955 it may not fall into the antique catagory, but holy cow it is one of the most charming photos I have ever seen.

I love this photo. A copy hangs in my office and it gives me a kick every day. Maybe part of the charm is, I know the man this little boy grew into ?
Naw, it's just cute as hell. The alien/spaceman helmet kills me.

It's copyrighted by the way, just in case anyone else out there thinks it is as cute as I do.

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