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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

spinning, mentally and physically

Yarn and fiber stores should be totally off limits to me, sadly I find natural fibers irresistible.  This glorious 2 oz bit of silk and Merino blend came home with me.  I spun it with  my trusty little walnut hand spindle into
 this incredibly soft two ply yarn.
 Little Yoda cat felt the need to check it out, she was hoping to take a nap in it and was annoyed to be shooed away.
 The 160 yards of yarn became this small scarf.  It has a L shape with the smaller lace eyelet edge snuggling up to the neck and the point of the L becoming a drape,  interesting shape and fun little knit. 
I was happy with it and pleased with the yarn.

My sis and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City.  We had a wonderful time, the weather was glorious and it could not have been any better.  As sick as she is, she runs circles around me.  Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia and a bum knee slows me down, I don't notice it as much in my normal life but trying to walk for miles and keep up with her really underlined how much I suck.  So I am trying to be more like her and get more done, like the energizer bunny she is, some people have a goal, "what would Jesus do"  for now on my goal is "what would Alaine do".

My mother used to tell me, " oh if you could only be like your sister"  and while growing up I tried to be like her, it did not work very well.  She is organized and classy and everything I am not.   I am disorganized, dysfunctional, totally poor white trash, oddly and intensely creative, chronically curious and in general, quite strange.  No wonder I drove my mother crazy.
 A snow lady sprang into being quite recently too.She is  made of paperclay, fabric and vintage music.  She is covered in vintage mica flakes for sparkle.  I like her, she is already spoken for, a friend wants her but I think I shall make more for my Etsy shop, she was fun to do.


  1. oh your snow lady is really wonderful as is the beautiful scarf!!