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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

chicken toy

My house and yard is a complete disaster but I did finish my little wooden toy.  The birds bob their heads when the crank is turned.
 Yes my photograph does stink and no I don't really care.
 Not so sure I care about my messy house either, okay, yes I do but not enough to clean it.
My youngest son and I went to the Humane Society today, he was applying for a job there. 
Poor kid is desperate for a job but I am not sure that is the place for him.  It would be a constant torture. 
He is a tender soul and this is a high kill "shelter", yet the ones who do live and are adopted deserve to be cared for with tenderness, which he would do well. 
He is so kind to our little deformed chicken, her name is Scoliosis by the way, and she is particularly sweet and seems quite partial to him too.
There were several cats I could have easily taken home, though I hate inside cats ( we only have six) and several dogs especially a great bear of a dog who was so lovely I found him nearly irresistible, but we have five dogs already.  The two bunnies very nearly came home with us.  I am still thinking about them.  They could live quite happily in the hen house I'm sure.
Well right now I am going to go take my Ambien ( oh Ambien how I love thee) and clean the cat boxes.  It is so much easier to face cleaning them after Ambien and besides I forget I have done it and its always a nice surprise in the morning.
After the jaunt to the Humane Society, well I was not very happy and found little about it to be "humane" in fact I was hating people when we left.  Jacob and I talked a great deal about the general disability of people to see beyond themselves or to see the value of life.  So many animals are discarded like a week old newspaper simply because they become inconvenient, and they die, either fast or slow, they die.
The rabbits were dumped out by an irrigation dam and left to fend for themselves.  The largest black rabbit was a sweet cuddly creature, the smaller one was a little bitchy, perhaps....hmmmm. the question would be whether Tigger would want to bounce them or not.   Thinking.  I have wanted a bunny for a while now.  Thinking.  Just how much will that piss of Husbutt and do I care?

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