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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

stupid camera

Stupid, stupid camera. Stupid, stupid cat who I suspect might have peed a little on said camera, he is not to be trusted in the house but even though I tell everyone "DO NOT LET HIM IN" they (and I) always seem to give in to the enormous eyes and pleading mews.
Anyway the much loved camera is not working right, the screen is dark and the settings are not correct which leaves for some wonky pictures. It is about five years old so perhaps it is age and a great deal of use, but it seems I will be looking for a new one, and ditching the old.
It makes me a little sad. It has served me well, I should not say it is a stupid camera but since it is refusing to continue to work as I ask it to, I feel it deserves the appellation.
As for Mr. Naughty Cat, otherwise known as Hemi, I will have to be doubly sure I don't leave anything of value laying around.
In the movie "Shrek" there is a scene with Puss-in-Boots where Puss looks with gigantic pleading eyes, pathetic, endearing and innocent, that is exactly the look Hemi gives us when he wants to come inside, all the other cats are inside why not him? He even meows at bedroom windows trying to get someones attention and of course we let the pee-boy in, geez. He is a remarkably sweet cat though, he lets little dog Tigger pull him all over the wood floor by his ears, he is placid and sweet, incredibly good- natured and beautiful. So he stays even though he is a pee-boy.
Out of the six cats we have he is the only one allowed outside, he is the bane of field mice, Tiggers cat toy and a great friend. We love him.

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  1. Good luck on your search for a new camera. It's really kind of wonderful how we can forgive and love our pets,(or people) flaws and all-even though they really make us mad!!