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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday fun

Son number one is flying with Utah State University. The school has some really beautiful little planes. Today my brother and sis-in-law brought the kids up for the day, my son was so good to take them out to the airport and let them sit in airplanes. We all had a good time. We are surprisingly easy to entertain.
My sons, the kids and sis-in-law....
Kidlets ready for take off.....
One lone toddler on the tarmac.
Love, love my fambly, or as my father would have said, the whole fam damily.
Speaking of my father, he would have been thrilled. My father was in flight school during WW 2 ended up being a radio operator his brother was shot down over Germany towards the end of the war. He always loved planes and when my other brother worked on plane engines at this airport dad would often go hang out with him, work on engines and occasionally fly with him. I know my dad would be out of his mind proud of my son, all three sons.
It is one of the great sorrows of my life that they are not here to see these boys and an equally great sorrow that they did not see my brothers little kids. They would have been over the moon over these kids. That little toddler on the tarmac? sweet baby girl? my mom would have lost her mind over that baby, so in retrospect maybe its a good thing mom's not around.


  1. sweet mommie rewards....a...not to change the subject but can you find out where your little guy got the spidey man hat...i need about 3 of them:/

  2. The last photo is so sweet! those kids must have been just thrilled to sit in that plane!!