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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Still raining here, spring is awfully slow to arrive, should have been here by now. Usually our last frost date is May 15th here in the valley but it has been so wet we can't till the garden yet and it has been too cold to put out tomatoes and tender plants anyway. The peaks still have an amazing amount of snow pack, at this rate they will still have snow in July.
The urban deer are still around, they are terrible tulip thieves. Fresh tulips must taste sooooo good after a long winter of tree browse.
Little duck Minimee, has disappeared again, she has a nest somewhere and I can't find it, she is exceptionally well hidden this year. She will eventually appear with tiny bundles of fluff following her around. Few things are as gorgeous as a newly hatched duckling.
I will be installing the wood flooring in the living room and stairwell next week. I am not looking forward to it, I know what that kind of work does to my physically. Maybe this time the boys will help. No point in asking Husbutt for help. I gave up on that years ago.
Lately I have been wanting to paint and I've been wondering how to set up my oil paints again without cats and Burgess getting into it. Burgess is a challenge to work around, he gets into everything. I can just picture him running through a palette of oil paint and me chasing him around to catch him and clean him off while he leaves little Burgess paint footprints all over.
Right now as I type he is poking through my paint brushes. Funny bird.
On the bright side, I have been knitting teeny weenie little socks for a teeny new baby. Making little things for little people always cheers me up. The little cuffs fold over on the top of the sock. They are pretty darn cute. The other sock is started. It will be finished tonight.


  1. That little sock is pretty darn cute! Too bad you couldn't get Burgess to leave little paint tracks all over a canvas. You could probably sell it for big bucks!! We're expecting rain here for the next 6 days. I think it will be August before there will be any fresh produce to buy--too cold for planting!

  2. Happy Spring...or belated:)
    You are so ambitious. Love the little precious. My daughter in laws sister had to have her baby come into this world very early with a c-section to boot. She was born at 1 lb. 4 oz. She is now up to 1 lb. 14.something. I have never seen such a tiny precious little human being like her..she is a feisty little fighter:)All these new babies in the ward....wonderful! I hope to see the little minimees and hope they stay warm:)

  3. Hi Maren,
    I just tried sending you a message from my iPad but wasn't sure you got it, so I'm commenting again from my computer. Apologies if you receive two messages from me.

    I am looking for some of your fabric -- Falling Leaves for Kings Road -- and wondered if you have any suggestions for where I might find some. Maybe you have some extra that you'd like to sell?

    Cynthia Marshall

  4. Cynthia, I just sent you an email. I do have fabric and would be happy to sell you some. Let me know what you need and the colorway.