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Monday, May 9, 2011

and another one.

Just finished this one, now I have to go clean up critter messes.
Burgess has been eating a pear on my sewing table and the mess is considerable. He tends to fling his food and he is quite a prodigious pooper too.
It is still cold and rainy here spring is very slow in coming this year, usually my big Austrian Copper rose bush is preparing to bloom and this year it is barely breaking dormancy.
All morning the Betchel Crab tree outside my studio window has been hosting little female goldfinches, they seem to be eating the newly formed flower buds. Nobody wants to hold still long enough for me to take a picture though. Burgess watched them for a little while between poking his beak in the pencil sharpener and sorting through a bowl of too-short pencils.


  1. Just how far back in Colo. are you hiding? 190% of snow pack is an un-Godly amount.

  2. Burgess better be careful when sticking his beak in the pencil sharpener!! I love goldfinches=one of my favorite little birds.
    Your upside down cat and butterfly are wonderful!

  3. The Butterfly is beautiful. My mother had a few oriental art pieces with butterflies on pith paper. This one has that feel to it. She would incorporate them into her oil on canvas paintings. (I'm Roxanne's father.) (These paintings of hers really don't justice. I was hoping a butterfly would in one...)